Welcome to the Wolfkin! A Seattle based podcast acting as the voice of the Emerald City's 40k and 30k community. Here you will find info on the Hosts as well as links to our various networks (podcasts, facebook, youtube etc.) to cover all of our activity. Now please forgive us, this site is under constant construction to include many of the features we will produce. With that, if you are as bored as we are on a Thursday, check out the Facebook link below to see what we are up too. 

Enjoy your visit, thank you for coming by, and stay strong in the wolf pack!

has been in the hobby for about 15 years. He's a veteran player and may in fact be part Eldar.

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a champion of the Imperium  who's battle prowess are only surpassed by his knowledge of the lore.

The Wolfkin

Ryan, the farseer of fanboyism,

Welcome to the WOlf Pack

Rob, The techpriest of power,